Honeymoon in Palawan: Two Seasons Island Resort and Spa

Let me share with you our amazing time in paradise last 2015—our wedding honeymoon! We had the privilege of spending our honeymoon in a private luxury island resort in Two Seasons in Coron Palawan, thanks to our Ninang Ria who gave us this special wedding gift.Thank you Ninang!!!

September 9, 2015, three days after our wedding and we were still on a high, we flew to Palawan for our very first *legit* getaway! We were so excited! Once landed in Busuanga Airport, we were welcomed and picked up by the staff from Two Seasons and brought us to our own van. From this very start, you will already feel luxury. The driver was very helpful and friendly, and the van is spacious and are all pilot seats. Upon reaching their own dock, we were guided and transferred to our private speedboat and were given towels in case of some splash during the ride 🙂 We took some photos as we enjoy the beautiful view (there’s just so much to see in Coron!!).


After a good 45-minute ride, we approached the 16-hectare island! And so the relaxation begins… Welcome to paradise!!!

Photo courtesy of http://www.tripadvisor.com.ph



This is our bungalow, just few steps from the main entrance and the restaurant. From here, the phone signal is poor or sometimes none at all! Also, there is no wifi (only in their lobby). Hmm.. I realized, this is really a place for honeymooners–pure quality time! *wink* Well I guess this is what a relaxing vacation is all about, a time-out not only from our busy schedules but also from calls/texts, & social media updates.

Snorkeling time!!! We swam in 10ft deep but we did not go that far since Jay saw an unusual creature…  Haha we don’t know what it is, but better be safe than sorry!

Paddle boarding FTW! 🙂

paddling 1

It’s my first time to try paddle boarding! ..and I forgot I’m still wearing my lifevest :p

paddling 2

Food there was also yummy! My favorite would have to be their big breakfast plate (#teambrekky always)! Breakfast is served ala-carte since it’s off-peak; but during peak season, they have breakfast buffet.


Unlike the other guests (there were only two other couples in this big island), they decided to tour Coron islands.. While we decided to stay and enjoy the place all to ourselves! We wanted to treasure the moment and relax. Plus it’s not everyday we get to have this luxury! But we will definitely go back to Coron and tour next time since I know this is a must! 🙂

02 a02 b02 c

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We have to give shout-outs to the staff of this resort who were extra hospitable to us! Thank you guys! Our stay turned out perfectly and I wish we can go back here in the future together with our little one. We really had a great time, three days were not enough! ❤



Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa
Malaroyroy Peninsula in Bulalacao Island
Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Contact Nos. +6324102075 to 80

Check out their website’s promo & packages, click here.


Take me back to the beach


*This post was written few days before this year’s trip last May 2-6. I was supposed to post this before I leave for Boracay, but things got really busy (as usual!). Anyway here it is.. Finally posting after 3 months! :p 

So what happens in Boracay? Why do we keep coming back? Let me make this super overdue mandatory late post of my Labor Day Weekend in Boracay 2012 and 2013.

All photos are mine, taken mostly by me or my friends; unless stated otherwise 🙂

This used to be my wallpaper for months!

Okay so first, it starts with a group who’s G! Hello to my laboracay crew 2 years in a row!!


From the dieting (lol yup!!), planning, booking, budgeting, foodtripping, drinking, partying, brekky-ing (hahaha yes we eat brekky together), til our post Boracay clingy-ing!

Drinking all day-all night

Them boys sure have enough budget for this haha! As soon as we step into the Bora shore!! Alam naaaa :)) Red horse na yan! Altanghap! Ang gastos kaya! Buti pa us girls, we can manage to enjoy a drink or two of cocktail during the happy hour and also at the parties.





Sunset Party at Station 1 (here below is just about to start).


Clubbing at Night



Hahahaha oh gosh :))) Good music + crazy people!



Paraw Sailing


Flying Fish – just one time. My first and last time hahaha.


Baby let’s chill


Picture perfect

Sunsets – aaaah eating some chorizo, or drinking some cocktail while seeing this? Take me back!!!



Camera on another camera 🙂


Group photos and pictorials—- my favorite part hahaha, well next to chillin’




Lol these guys! Puro kalokahan :))


Photography skillzzzz version 1.0


Photography skillzzzz version 2.0 haha. I’m so dark na here! This is our last day na from last year.




Well since we’re on a budget, we normally eat at Smokes, in d’Mall.


It’s really sulit and guaranteed, masarap! Actually it’s always full! Maybe the reason why they have two spots, one in the center of d’Mall, near Andoks (if I’m not mistaken), then also at the street leading to the main road, along the palengke. The choices are too much! Whatever you want! Budgeted, fancy or anything in between 🙂 But please, skip them fastfood stuff.

Anyway there’s the chori burger anyone who’s been in Boracay is crazy about!!! Chorizo in a minibun. Yay cheap thrill! Then you also order some bbq and isaw! Perfect!! 🙂 They say their sawsawan is the secret why it’s all so good!

Place to stay

Here’s a tip: stay in Station 2 where rates are just on the average. Plus it’s near food spots, near Epic (after the party, you don’t have to walk a long way or worse, take a tric going home). There’s just a LOT of choices! Best is you can ask someone’s who’s been there where they stay so you don’t have to go through the researching in the internet. Doesn’t matter if it’s not beachfront. All the rest are just a minute or less walk away from the beach. So long as the place is safe for you and your belongings, and of course, clean.

“What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay.”

When you’re there, you worry less, you’re carefree, you dance like no one’s watching, you scream and sing your heart out, you stop and not think of the busy city life and your work/studies, you get drunk, and just be yourself and enjoy moments, and yes, to fall in love sometimes (oh I know some people who did!!).

imagePhoto from Jun Lopez Photography

Last words though: party and drink responsibly! Enjoy and see ya there!! ❤