Hi there! I’m Lux Dominique, almost 30, recently married and now preggy with my Sweepea as I write this “About Me” section. 🙂 Welcome to my blog where I share my life and interests beyond my career in the workaholic corporate world as I struggle to create a work-life balance while I pay my bills & all things adulting and enjoy live a life I love! ♥

This blog will document my adventures as I start my own family, my date nights (or days) with my now hubby and other food trips, my travel diaries, my love for fashion/beauty and anything girly; and my interests in art/photography and all things inspiring.

Contact me at: luxdominique@gmail.com

– – –


This is a continuation of my love to blog. I started in 2004 with Blogspot, then shifted to Tumblr and then finally in WordPress. I’ve always wanted to take blogging seriously since writing has always been an outlet but never took the chance. So, I decided to buy my own domain, http://www.luxdominique.com! 🙂
I hope from now on I can inspire, inform, entertain while still the same—keep a record of things, thoughts, and events I can look back in the future in this online personal space. Justgoodvibes! x


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