Christmas Wish List 2016

I know this is late… but just in case, you wanna know what’s in my list cos you’re getting something for me in your last minute shopping, let me save you from thinking. Heehee! Note: no worries, this is a realistic list

Here goes my very first Christmas wishlist ever blogged:

1. White or super light colored linens (high grade cotton)

Emphasis on the high grade cotton cos I want my sheets soft! Don’t you wanna sleep in a hotel-ish soft kinda sheets?! Zzzz

2. Haircolor

Either you’ll treat me at my preferred salon or get me a box (5.5/5.6 brown), I’ll DIY –something I’ve never done before but why not give it a try?

3.  Slippers

Just ordinary style and plain, and not necessarily Havaianas. I just need to replace the one I’m using cos it’s worn out na!

4. Kate Spade coin & card purse

In neutral color or this color.

5. Pajamas

Cos sleeping is luxury.

6. Slingbag

Since I now normally bring my baby’s bag, I need a small one for my stuff.

7. Japonesque travel complexion trio makeup brushes

Thanks to Denise for influencing me :p

8. VMV skincare products

Moisturizer, sunscreen, toner, any! I’m a normal skin type btw (cos they have something for different skintypes).

9. Colourpop lippies – Out and About set

Three good looking shade lippies! Get savings when you buy 3! Haha

10. Fujifilm mirrorless camera

This list won’t be complete without a big time wish 😀

But of course, as a mom, I would appreciate it more to receive gifts for my baby!!!

For Sweepea:

  • Pacifier (for 3+ months)
  • Wetwipes supply
  • Wetwipes for hand & mouth supply (there’s one by Pigeon) 
  • Pampers diapers supply (S size)
  • Similac milk

Whew, that’s it!! Typing all of these in my phone while putting Sweepea to sleep! #mommydiaries

Yay! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!! x


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