Expecting… :)


The past few days have been a bit difficult for me as I feel more body pains here and there (even on my sleep).. But the excitement of finally seeing my baby still overpowers all of these. I’m on my 37th week now, ready to give birth anytime soon. My doctor said to watch out for the signs (water leak, blood discharge, and/or regular contractions that goes on for 15mins or less–and doesn’t go away even if I take a rest). Although she also told me that not everyone goes through the same experience; so to be safe, if in doubt, better to go to the hospital. The least that can happen is they will send me home if I’m not yet ready to pop anyway.

So I’m writing this blog post also to share how thankful I am for all the love and support I’ve been getting from family and friends. I have celebrated two baby showers, and received baby gifts!! Many items from my checklist have been crossed out! You guys are AMAZING!!! Baby stuff are so adorable especially those small cutie clothes! Excited to wear them all to Baby Sweepea! Thank you again, and we do appreciate your prayers for my safe delivery!

The coming of this little one is the perfect 30th Birthday & First Wedding Anniversary gift God has given me and Jay!

I can’t wait to see you and hold you in my arms soon, my love, my little Julian!!!