New Beginnings

Finally I’m here in WordPress! Going back to something I’ve loved doing~ writing/blogging. After all the site hopping and inspiration I get from different bloggers, I hope I’m taking this step on blogging consistently. Excited that I have now moved in this better platform, so let’s see how it goes!

Oh btw, it’s still the same.. Just goodvibes 🙂

Been thinking how I’m supposed to publish my first post here.. Is it (a) to just say, “Hi! I’m blogging again, and now in WordPress!” or via (b) THE blog post of our wedding details (I know I promised I would blog about it; share our list of suppliers and experiences with them, our gameplan and researches..but huhu, blame it to the #procrastinatingME.. Some have been asking me about it but I still don’t have a draft of it. Sorry! 😦 Working on it soon!) Then I realized, I can’t do (b) cos either I will rush drafting it or I will only prolong launching this blog. So I decided to do (a) with some “Life Lately” post:


Life Lately

  • Married for 9 months now! Good & bad, ups & downs everyday. But can’t complain.. 10 years + everafter?! Why not! #mayforever
  • I am 6 months preggy (yay!!!) and we couldn’t contain our excitement for the coming of Our Sweet Potato or we call “Sweepea” while we don’t have a name for him/her yet. Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? 🙂
  • Gaining pounds. My tummy is growing bigger and I’m gaining a lot of weight from the big appetite I have right now! Waaah! I’m thankful though cos it’s a sign of a growing baby inside me. 🙂
  • Living and doing things on our own while paying for the amortization, bills, food, and everything else…have been very liberating! Especially so that we got our own place [thank You Lord for the gift of a new home!]. It’s not as easy as it looks, and I guess there are days I feel like we’re struggling-but in a good way.  You know what they say, “It’s the hard that makes it great.” I have to give credits too to the husband who makes this teamwork possible ❤

So far that’s about it lately! Not much in bullets, but in reality, it’s been a fast rollercoaster ride ever since I got married!

– – –

New Beginnings. Thanks for dropping by! Come back as I share in this blog my adventures as I start my own family, my date nights (or days) with my hubby and other food trips, my travel diaries, my love for fashion/beauty and anything girly; and my interests in art/photography and all things inspiring.

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PS: Since I am sentimental, some of my Tumblr posts were migrated here below. ⬇️