Yup I’m engaged ♥

In case you haven’t heard..though I’ve mentioned it a lot in my facebook, twitter and instagram–I’m engaged!!!!!!!


The other ring is our couple ring we both have been wearing for years.

The boyfriend proposed to me on his birthday! See video here.

It was such a well-organized and planned event, I totally had no idea that it’s going to be the day he will ask me. It was January 14, his birthday and we have both agreed to celebrate it with a dinner date, just the two of us, at the Vivere Hotel rooftop restaurant called The Nest. I took a leave from work because I don’t want to end up cancelling on the last minute because of [surprise] OT. By 4pm, he was telling me he was feeling lazy to celebrate. I got a little pissed cos I felt I wasted my leave from work (that’s why I texted that message in the video haha) and got lazy too so I took a nap instead. Then after an hour, he woke me up saying sorry and that he’s about to pick me up already. So I hurried, prepared and dressed up. I didn’t take time to look for an outfit or put on nice make up or even blowdry my hair. Nothing fancy! Haha. Although at the back of my mind, I actually wanted to wear my white flowy dress but I don’t know why I didn’t(!!!!!). I even wore flats! Haha. Thanks for Jay’s acting, I was literally tinatamad na din :)) But even though I felt that way, I was in a good mood! He picked me up and we were both happy to see each other and excited to eat at Vivere (btw we super love their mussels rockefeller).

So we ordered (a lot actually) and when we started eating, Jay said his stomach is aching and had to go excuse himself twice. I didn’t mind because it usually happens (hahaha). I was eating alone, playing some game in my phone…when all of a sudden, people came in this order:

  • closest friends–when I saw them, I still didn’t have a clue, I just thought Jay invited them
  • my bestfriend–who I haven’t seen in a while! Actually she was the big clue! I was asking why they were there and she was teary-eyed :)) aside from the fact that they were forming a line in front of me and wanted me to just stay where I was
  • his (big) family–almost complete…aaww 🙂
  • my family, bringing a bouquet of roses

I was happy to see everyone! All our families and special friends were there to witness the moment.

Then there was a background music played by a live band, and HE came walking towards me singing Grow Old With You. Then he said his speech. At that moment, I honestly can’t keep up… Everything was a blur and slo-mo! But it wasn’t, it was happening all at once! That’s why I’m super thankful for the video coverage!!! Because of it, I can forever remember what he said in his speech!!! Then he knelt down on his knee, showed me the ring and asked, “Babe, will you marry me?” My mind was slowly processing..also explains why I paused for a while! Haha. I thought about everything…all the good times and the bad. This guy is not just my boyfriend, he is my bestfriend. I am happy to be marrying my lover and my friend, someone who have made me feel really special since Day 1, who I’ve been with for the past 9 years on the ups and downs of my life. God knows we’ve been through a lot!!!! He asked once again.. Then I came into my senses, and softly I said, “Yes.” :’)


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